Mother Soil

Mother 101

We wanted to find an easier way to care for houseplants, and believed that healthy soil is step one. 

Mother Soil is perfect for plant parents who frequently travel, this all natural fluffy soil will double the time between plant waterings, and eliminate the need for fertilizer.

Spend more time enjoying your travel, and less time worrying about needing to have a neighbor check in on your plants while you’re away. No more returning home to dying plants!

Plant Health

The soil we use has an impact on the health of our plants. Living Soil is critical for this.

Most soils on the market are organic but lack the biological ecosystem to grow healthy plants. Mother Soil is brewed in small batches to create a super soil that drastically improves the health of your plants.


Mother Culture

A probiotic blend of 800 beneficial microbes that builds stronger plants

Locally Sourced Biochar

A carbon negative substrate designed to improve both water retention and aeration

Brewed Castings

A nutrient dense food source for plants to feed on without needing fertilizer

Ample Size

2-3 small to medium plants

Fluffy Soil

Soft to the touch feeling that plants love

Earth Friendly

Made using naturally occurring ingredients

Easy to Store

Resealable bag and fits into small spaces


Works with tropicals and succulents

Dark and Sexy

Rich color makes your plant stand out

Go twice as long without watering your plant

As frequent travelers ourselves, we asked - how can we keep our plants healthy and happy while we’re away?

That question led to the creation of our Probiotic Soil. We tested dozens of formulas, experimented on hundreds of plants, and listened to our biggest product development team: our customers.

What we came up with was a nutrient rich super soil that can go twice as long without needing water.

Tropicals and succulents love this stuff

Why plant parents love Mother

I used Mother soil on my mint and basil plants. I'm super happy with the results so far. This time the plants look super healthy compared to previous times I've tried growing them with store-bought soil. I feel I'm in good hands and needless to say, I'm a happy customer!

Jimit, 2 months after planting

I’m a graduate student researching biochar and soil infiltration. Seeing biochar-based soil caught my eye. It has excellent drainage but still holds moisture. The added microbes are a plus since many other mixes come sterile. I’ve had zero problems with fungus gnats or other pests and diseases!

Brian, 2 months after planting

I’ve used Mother with several of my favorite plants; they all thrive! I’m getting new growth from nodes from which I didn’t expect fresh leaves, and they look healthy. Mother has benefitted both recently propagated babies and well-established plants. I like that I don’t have to think about fertilizing my plants because Mother is a complete, living ecosystem!

Britta, 2 months after planting

A 5 star resort for your plants,

or your money back.

If for any reason your plants do not thrive, contact us and we’ll give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Mother nurtures your plant so you can nurture yourself.

Mother’s living culture actively nourishes your plant around the clock whether you’re at home, or not.

Say goodbye to dying plants, and hello to Mother