“After nearly a month away the plants in Mother were all as healthy as when I left them!"

Join the hundreds of traveling plant parents that are making the switch to Mother Soil.

✔ Retains 2x moisture
✔ Provides ample aeration
✔ 100% Money Back Guarantee

When I came back from my 6 week trip to Europe, the plants that were in Mother stayed green and were healthy. But the plants that did not have Mother, almost every one of them took a big hit.

It was my big moment of "oh, what it's sitting in really does matter!"

Bhavisha P.

So impressed by the results of repotting my albo syngonium from regular soil to Mother Soil. This plant is healthier than ever and I feel like I don't have to water it as much, which is a nice perk.

Ariel P.

Honestly I switched all my plants to Mother! I can tell especially that they've become a lot "fluffier" and less like they're just barely hanging in there since switching.

Lindsey C.

A soil that lets you go twice as long without needing to water your plants.

A 5 star resort for your plants, or your money back.

If for any reason your plants do not thrive, simply email us and we will refund you.

Tropicals and succulents love this stuff.

You might be wondering...

Why was Mother created?

We wanted to find an easier way to care for houseplants, and believed that healthy soil is step one. 

Mother Soil is perfect for plant parents who frequently travel, this all natural fluffy soil will double the time between plant waterings, and eliminate the need for fertilizer.

Spend more time enjoying your travel, and less time worrying about needing to have a neighbor check in on your plants while you’re away. No more returning home to dying plants!

What's Mother made of?

Mother Culture

A probiotic blend of 800 beneficial microbes that builds stronger plants

Locally Sourced Biochar

A carbon negative substrate designed to improve both water retention and aeration

Brewed Castings

A nutrient dense food source for plants to feed on without needing fertilizer

How does it keep my plants alive?

Fewer watering needs

Tend to be away a lot? The biochar will slowly release moisture to keep your plant cool while you're away.

Better climate tolerance

Ample aeration and improved water retention to keep your plants protected incase it gets too hot.

Reduced pest and disease

Genetically diverse microbiome to better protect the roots, leaves and stems.

An easy way to keep your plants happy while you travel.

✔ Retains 2x moisture
✔ Provides ample aeration
✔ 100% Money Back Guarantee